what we've done  Tabula Rasa Design 2011

table with teamTabula Rasa
natural soap, lime scent, glass

Tabula Rasa is more than a table – it’s an object about the design process. Pudelskern present a table which tells about their approach to creation and their understanding of design. Made of soap Tabula Rasa is a living object that changes with time and usage.

A writer, who sits in front of a white page or a painter, who stands before an empty canvas, faces a state of ‘tabula rasa’ – the blank slate. The process of creation can be a fantastic journey on winding paths with many crossroads. Almost everybody who designs can relate to an overwhelming image of a myriad of thoughts overlaying each other. Ideas come to one’s mind or just glimpses of mental images and then fade again, carrying one to another thought. Like sketchbooks, notebooks or a restaurant’s napkin Tabula Rasa can be the medium to preserve these ideas for the moment.

Tabula Rasa is a table with a slab made of translucent natural soap, onto which characters, words or sketches can be scratched. These notes, carved into the surface, fade after a while and other layers will replace older ideas. The cavities of hand-drawn lines refract the light shining through the amber coloured table leaf and the viewpoint changes the look of the table. Tabula Rasa is an evolving table similar to thoughts that are developed, revised, improved or deepened. Multiple layers of ideas will consume the soap over the years and until, one day, Tabula Rasa will be gone like an ephemeral thought.

Pudelskern subsume their approach to design under the title of ‘Narrative design’ and are intending to tell stories with their objects. For the designers all things in the world have a story and some things speak to us more clearly than others. Pudelskern try to read these narrations and set out to weave new stories into their designs. Tales can form the virtual core of a design object and, sometimes, this verbal innermost part shines through to the surface of an object.



photography: Kresser GŁnter Fotografia

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