what we've done  Patina Design 2011

rug Fragment
wool, semi-felted yarn
Production & Distribution: STEPEVI

Patina refers to fading, darkening or other signs of age, any changes in surface texture or colour which are felt to be natural or unavoidable. Time covers surfaces with traces of usage and age. This mantle of time melts into the object and is intrinsically tied to it. Like cracks in the painting of an old master are inseparable from the piece of art, Patina is a rug with time inscribed.

Patina was developed along with Fragment rug for the rug specialists Stepevi. An intense and profound research has brought forth a completely new quality of rugs. Patina is a rug with a semi-felted wool surface, generating a look of natural individuality and with slightly irregular edges. Patina is best characterised by a style of unpretentious homeliness. Patina is a perfect rug for a living atmosphere, where people feel at home.
Time matures objects in infinite shades and uncountable subtle differences. Aging and maturation are processes of improvement. It’s the difference, the personality and the distinctiveness that makes matured objects unique – we can see our own individuality in the inconceivable multitude the world has to offer.

For Patina a lot of effort was put into creating rugs with qualities of matured objects. Delicate shades of colour and a natural apparition of pure sheep wool bring the rugs of the series to life. Patina is the art of subtle maturation.


Funded by
Gefördert durch impulse

photography: Stepevi

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