what we've done  Infusion O Design 2011

rug Infusion O
wool, rose-dyed yarn
Production & Distribution: STEPEVI

Roses are age-old symbols of noble beauty and prosperity. Their intriguing scent and intense colours make them a cultural icon understood in every part of our world. In the province of Isparta in Southern Turkey, a region famous for its vast rose gardens, the world‘s most luxurious natural scent is produced - essence of roses. The rose petals are distilled only once a year during harvest time in May when the whole province is plunged into the colours of millions of roses. This distillation process creates a precious byproduct not valued until Stepevi discovered its potential.

Stepevi - a global player in the world of rugs - puts those precious rose petals to new use to create a unique natural dye. In 2010 Stepevi launched a first collection of rugs under the name of Infusion and comissioned the Austrian design studio Pudelskern for the expansion of the product range.

Infusion „O“ is the newest offspring of this cooperation, in which Pudelskern chose to incorporate William Shakespeare‘s Sonnett 54, praising the beauty of truth. Shakespeare finds this truth in the scent of the rose and his poem „distills“ the truthful beauty of the beloved. For Pudelskern the authenticity of using naturally dyed sheep wool and the recycling of regional resources represents this kind of truth. Recasting the poet‘s words, the designers ask, „O! How much more beautiful do rugs seem, when they are sustainably produced.“

Pudelskern conjure Shakespeare‘s poem onto the rug creating a reminiscence of a fading parchment. The characters partially vanish and blend into the background. The contemporary typography contrasts with the image of an aged piece of paper. With Inufsion „O“ Pudelskern created a multi-layered transcription of Shakespeare‘s Sonnet on a rose-dyed rug.

„In our view poetry is the essence of beauty and design should be the poetry of living. We wanted to pay homage to one of the greatest poets of all times and we‘re very grateful for the heritage Shakespeare left to mankind“ say the designers of Pudelskern.

Funded by
Gefördert durch impulse

photography: Stepevi

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