Mailand 2008
Vom 16.04. bis 21.04. 2008 auf der Möbelmesse Mailand

Pudelskern debütierte erfolgreich auf der Messe, die die Welt für Möbel bedeutet. Das junge Team präsentierte drei Produkte im Salone Satellite, dem Bereich für Newcomer auf der Internationalen Möbelmesse Mailand. Mit 350.000 Besuchern ist die Messe das weltweit besucherstärkste Event für Designer, Hersteller und Professionisten rund um Designmöbel und Interior Design.

Milan 2008
From 16th to 21st april 2008 at the International Furniture Fair in Milan

Pudelskern made their premier at the most important fair for furniture and design. The young team exhibited three products at the Salone Satellite, the newcomer area of the international fair. With about 350.000 visitors Milan is the best visited event worldwide for designers, producers and professionals in the furniture and interior design sector.

salone satellite
Agents N HAgents Nina and Horst
relaxing on Calla after all the hard work is done.
Agent Nina being interviewed by Italian RAI UNO for the evening news.
Blow Job was a great background for interviews
and press pcitures.
RAI Intervista
ORF InterviewAustrian ORF made a full story about Pudelskern,
broadcast on Saturday night news.
Mr. Kurt Reindl was just great.
White shirts for the boys. Agent Horst and Georg.
Agents H G
Tetsuo Agent H
Tetsuo Shibuya, Japanese designer and
welcome neighbour at SaloneSatellite 2008,
with Agent Georg on Calla
Pudelskern with Barbara Becker.
The booth was a welcoming place to rest and stay for a while.
Agents with Babsi
VorarlbergStefan Schweighofer of Hof 437
looking perfect
Doris Kusenberg of Swarovski on Calla with
Crystallized(TM) Swarovski Elements with
Agent Horst doing the I-want-to-break-free.
Doris and Agents
cristiano agent GItalian star Cristiano Malgioglio
with Agent Georg and company.
Disfrutando la calefación del sillón.

Cristiano producing a kerfuffle with his fans, police and media.
mg interiormg Interior Team with the Agents posing in black and white.
Aamu Song of  Company - big HELLO to Finland!
designersNeighbours meeting at Pudelskern booth.
Team Paula, Tetsuo Shibuya, Skogstad/Vold.
Pudelskern booth with three Callas, Radiator I, Flip and Blow Job.
Milan SaloneSatellite 2008 - coming back 2009.