Austrian Design showcase breaks visitor record during Milan Design Week
Lobmeyr and Wiener Silber Manufactur on display
photo by Laura Fantacuzzi

The former sports venue La Pelota is a star on its own amongst Milan's spaces where the "fuorisalone" shows settle for 6 days during the International Furniture Fair. The dimensions of the single volume and the attractive level shifts make it a perfect home for regular fashion shows and prestigious exhibtions for Established&Sons, Vitra or Hermès in previous years. This year Advantage Austria - the Austrian Chamber of Foreign Trade - commissioned Pudelskern to orchestrate a show of 51 exhibitors in this holy halls of design history.
Pudelskern's concept to unite a broad selection of Austrian design studios and companies draws a metaphorical arch between the wild and expressive landscapes of the Alpine regions and the refined hand-craft traditions of the urban centres of Austria - "Raw and delicate". The translation into an exhibition design via living trees and delicately knitted light columns created an impressive space of a light flooded mystical forest.

80 knitted light columns illuminate clearings in a birch forest
photo by Laura Fantacuzzi

During the setup the organisation and design crew had some magical moments. "The emotional impact was incredible to see the light columns being elevated for the first time, and then the trees being setup. Together with the light engineering the whole setup was like magic", says Helmut Döller of Advantage Austria. The team captured some moments of the making of on video, the soundtrack was made for the exhibtion. See this video and more on youtube:

light columns and soundtrack

video by Ortrun Schandl

"lighting up la pelota" with the first elevation of the columns:
video by Ortrun Schandl

18.000 visitors in the six days of the Milan Design Week set a new record for the shows at La Pelota and for two evening events another 1350 can be added. The atmosphere was highly praised as a contrast to the hectic and demanding world of the Salone. The dimly lit forest offered an oasis of calmness and relaxation and the bright clearings offered well presented design pieces. The objects not only showed the latest but as well still produced designs from masters like Adolf Loos. The mellow atmosphere was amplified by an original soundtrack created by Peter Philipp. Interpretations of composers from Albeniz, Bach or Smetana combined with sounds of nature completed the concept of raw and delicate into a multi-sensual experience.

clearing for trends and tendencies, in the foreground H-Series of Haapo 1910
photo by Laura Fantacuzzi

clearing for furniture companies; amongst others are Viteo, Team 7, Bene, Neue Wiener Werkstaette
photo by Laura Fantacuzzi

clearing for material and artistic innovation; among them Eternit, breadedEscalope and Nofrontiere
photo by Laura Fantacuzzi

magic wood
Visitors could contemplate the atmosphere on seating, Pearl light by Polka Products to the left
photo by Laura Fantacuzzi

70 birch trees were brought from Austria and given away after the show to local owners
photo by Laura Fantacuzzi

Red Bull Music Academy threw in the beats for more than 1000 party guests
photo by Pudelskern

From left: organisor Helmut Döller (Advantage Austria), Nina Mair and Rio Kobayashi (Pudelskern), Reanne Leuning (Advantage Austria), Horst Philipp (Pudelskern), Vice Consul Ortrun Schandl (Advantage Austria) and Georg Öhler (Pudelskern)
photo by Peter Philipp

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