Raw and delicate - Austrian design at La Pelota
Pudelskern are the makers of the largest show on Austrian design ever during Milan Design Week
During Milan Design Week 2012 a broad show unites the best of contemporary Austrian design at an exhibition organized by Advantage Austria. Pudelskern created a concept to reflect the manifold aspects of the Austrian design landscape. 51 exhibitors present new material technologies, green design ideas and their latest pieces and bestsellers. The show includes performances and special events from 17th to 22nd of April 2012 at La Pelota, Via Palermo 10, 20121 Milan.

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Pudelskern on the creation of the exhibition:

"The enormous task of staging an exhibition for the whole of the Austrian furniture industry entails a high level of responsibility. Accepting this challenge with many thanks, we have striven to live up to it as best we could.

Solving a design problem means trying to grasp the complexity of the world around us. For designers the solution sometimes seems to be within their reach but then slips away at the next moment in the confusion of the countless options for decision-making. It is as if you are at the top of a mountain looking out over the world – you suddenly see it as a whole, everything is clearly visible and the unimportant fades away for a moment. But all of a sudden you are transported to the big city, faced with countless roads and junctions, overwhelmed by impressions and possibilities and are at risk of losing your way in this complexity of options.

opera graz

This complexity is also reflected in Austria's design scene. There is no generalised description that would encompass all the variety offered by the individual exhibitors. We chose the subtitle RAW AND DELICATE for the show in order to form a bridge between two counterpoints, so creating the basis for the existence of such variety.

RAW AND DELICATE stands for the two sides to Austria: the original, wild and natural that is found in its landscapes, and the refined, sophisticated and traditional that shapes urban culture. As well as all nuances in between.

Here we would like to express our thanks to Advantage Austria (AWO). Our special thanks goes to the project team consisting of Helmut Döller, Reanne Leuning and Ortrun Schandl, and for all the hard work of the many people and companies who have put their energy at the service of the public."


The show will take place in Milan's well known La Pelota, a sports arena offering more than 1000 square meters. Pudelskern translates its concept into an exhibition design of setting up a living forest. 70 trees will form 4 clearings where delicately knitted light columns mark the exhibtion spaces.


Thursday 19th of April, 9 - 12pm
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ADVANTAGE AUSTRIA / Außenwirtschaft Österreich (AWO)
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Go International / Austrian Furniture Industry /
Wien Products
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