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Designers' Saturday  
Pudelskern exhibits in Langenthal
Designers' Saturday in Langenthal is a biennial show in existence since 1987 and has become the most important event for interiors in Switzerland. Pudelskern will show 5 pieces at Girsberger exhibition area. Two new pieces will be among the objects - Kiwi, a chair with ecological upholstery and a table version of Feeler, a crocheted lamp.

Pudelskern follows the invitation of Blickfang to Designers' Saturday. Blickfang asked 16 designers and studios from Austria, Germany and Switzerland to take part in their exhibition. The focus of Blickfang is on communication between visitors and designers, therefore the designers will be at their stands ready to communicate their stories and their views on design.

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Designers' Saturday
Location area "Girsberger"
Bernstrasse 78
CH-4922 BŁtzberg

opening hours
Friday by invitation only
Saturday  9.00- 18.30 open for public
Sunday  10.00- 18.00 open for public


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